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My Lock-down projects

Nothing to show you from work projects, so here's my lock-down diary so far. We've enjoyed the sunshine. Missed friends, family and grandkids a lot, talked a lot, walked a lot, ate and drank outdoors a lot, rediscovered our neighbours and community, and excellent local shops and Chesterfield market. We've Zoomed, Facetimed quizzes and games. And like everyone we've spent less as we've not been anywhere. But curiously enough we've not missed our old lifestyle of work, eat, sleep, repeat. We like this better pace of life. We've re-set what's important to us. My lock-down projects have included finally clearing out the shed of decades of stuff, (dog agility test seemed a good idea at some time!) cleared out hedges and trees (with my lovely new chain saw), put in a new fence (flippin hard work on your own) finished off the patio, clipped Max the Spaniel's curls into a Mohican - lasted about two days. Next big job get the garden back in shape. I hear garden centres may open next week. Keep safe everybody. Look to the future. Regards Jamie