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A minimalist approach - less is more

Less is more - is never more true as in our bathrooms, perhaps the most heavily utilised and often cluttered spaces in our homes. It’s why minimalistic design has become increasingly more popular over the past few years, both in defiance to consumerism, but also living with less tends to make life more streamlined, and less stressful. Bathrooms are easier to clean, calming and more functional.

Stay Neat & Organised - have a rule use it or lose it

Take stock. How many shampoo, conditioner, bath/shower, creams, potions, makeup, shaving gear, bath toys, gifts you've never used, cleaning products, toilet rolls, towels, flannels, sponges, hairbrushes, sun creams, medicines, candles, and so on are displayed, often duplicated, or out of date, in your bathroom? This applies to everything from your shower to what’s under the sink.


You can use dispensers for your shampoo, conditioners, and soaps, and consider getting products everyone can use to reduce the number of mismatched plastic bottles. Other items you can organise and co-ordinate are towels, hand towels, and storage containers and baskets for items such as your makeup, shaving cream and razors.

Invest in Fewer, Higher Quality Items

One of minimalism’s fundamental tenets is spend less money on many lower-quality items and invest in better pieces that will last you a long time. So your minimalist bathroom shouldn't include anything cheap or cheap-looking. Pick a statement piece whether sanitary ware or tiles as your central design concept. Everything you select for a minimalistic bathroom should meet three requirements: neutral colors, straight lines, and durable materials. Find items to fit within these guidelines and also “go” together. For example, if you’re using a lot of white, make sure the shading is uniform, so that one is not more yellow, or a starker white. Combine natural elements of wood and plants to soften the look.

Here's a few ideas.



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