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I want a downstairs loo - think Tardis

A downstairs loo is a godsend, every home should have one. It's the smallest room in the house but the one most used your family and guests. It's the easiest way to both improve the quality of your home life and add at least 5% to the value of your property. And you don't need much space to convert into a downstairs loo, you could even adapt under stairs space. Just 80cm x 1.3m and around 2m height would do it. Choose from a huge variety of space saving, toilets and sinks to suit your style. Planning is key to work out the optimum position for plumbing, drainage, and electrics etc. You'll need at least, toilet, wash hand basin, ventilation and light source, plus compliance with building regulation requirements with proper drainage and safe installation of any new electrical fittings. Then go wild with decorating, flooring etc. Simpson Property Services can take care of all your re-modelling projects from ideas to project delivery. Give Jamie a call on 07795624459 to see what's possible in your home.

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